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Elisabeth Olson, CFP®

Elisabeth Olson, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Elisabeth is a founding member of FCG360 and is deeply committed to educating and empowering her clients as they navigate often complex financial situations.   

Elisabeth holds her CFP® designation and earned an M.A. in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis on Advocacy and Human Rights.  Prior to joining FCG360, Elisabeth worked as a math educator and school administrator.

Elisabeth earned a B.S. in Secondary Education, with minors in Math and Spanish. 

Making an Impact

Elisabeth and her family lived in Hanoi, Vietnam from 1996 to 2004, as the country was awakening from over thirty years of economic and social isolation.  In Vietnam, she taught children from second through eighth grade in subjects ranging from English and Math to History and Science.  She also trained local (Vietnamese).   When the family moved to Manila, Philippines, she trained teachers from Afghanistan, China, and Mongolia and worked as a school administrator.  She also organized an initiative to remove barriers so that unschooled children could access education. 

Now a resident of Colorado, Elisabeth has continued her philanthropic work in two arenas:  helping people living with dementia by serving a board member for Dementia Together and coaching families who are preparing for homeownership through Habitat for Humanity. 

A Secret About Elisabeth

Elisabeth got her love of travel from her dad, who did business in Mexico and lived for a season in the Cayman Islands and later in Libya.  She developed her passion for finance from her stepfather, a tax accountant who practiced until age 87!